Top 10 Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

Sep 01, 2020
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How rapidly is Asia’s World City (Hong Kong) being transformed?! Visit Hong Kong in another five years, and you won’t be able to recognize most of it.

If you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time, you’ll instantly take in the magnificent skyline inching forward on the foundation of a rich traditional past. 

Book cheap flights from Sydney to Hong Kong as the city is famous for its stunning harbor and expansive skyline, that is worth-visit.

Acclaimed as one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia, it has enough treats and surprises to make your trip a sweet and a memorable one. Our travel guide can help you with blissful experience at Hong Kong in a short period.

Here are some of our findings –

Victoria Peak And Madame Tussauds


Get a bird’s eye view of a city at Victoria Peak, the highest point of Hong Kong. You can have a combo pass that includes a ride on the funicular tram which lets you enter to Madam Tussaud’s museum to enjoy the sight. The tram ride can be unexpectedly exciting for you, since, it is fast at a steep 45-degree angle. You will feel refreshed while soaking in the gorgeous views of the harbor and the sky-high buildings. Treat your eyeballs with the symphony of lights, preferably by late evening, as it is the largest permanent light and sound show in the world.

Want to try noodles? Indulge your senses in Mak’s Noodle in Peak Galleria, a Michelin-star restaurant. You will find the food delicious, surprisingly cheap and vegetarian options too.

Ladies Street Market


A perfect opportunity of experiencing the local culture which is loud, colorful, and sometimes brash, and you can even pick up some souvenirs. Well, it’s hard to convince the shopkeepers to bring the price down, but if you ask for a group discount, they quickly give you the same. You can also provide them with a tip to offer reasonable rates.

If you like designer ripped-off handbags, then purchase them at reasonable prices as you will find them in bulk, but not the LV hologram ones. You can also buy these to bring back home for your lovely ladies.

Repulse Bay


As the name suggests, you will be smitten by the beauty of this urban beach. It has a picturesque setting that is enough to amaze you at first glance. While walking at the beach, you will notice that the sand closer to the shore is coarser than that further away, it is because the beach was artificially extended.

Get some peace there while equipping yourself with a good read. You will get another fringe benefit there if you cross Jackie Chan’s house. Must try the chili garlic noodles at the 7/11 outlet there to fill your appetite.

Avenue of Stars


Do you like binging on Chinese movies? If not then it may not matter much to you if you don’t have a Chinese movies fandom. More than half of the Chinese celebs are featured there, and honestly, you wouldn’t recognize them, but everyone likes to get clicked with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee statues.

Enjoy a leisurely walk hand-in-hand with your loved one, while having a cup of cold coffee from the Starbucks located there.

Aberdeen Fishing Village


Find a quaint fishing village in the middle of an international city, Hong Kong, to stun yourself. Aberdeen brings you six hundred junks aka fishing boats and a charming Jumbo restaurant to satiate your seafood cravings with panache. Above thirty million people have dined there before you have, including Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise.

Take an excellent boat tour as you float around to understand how once all Hongkongers lived aboard junks like that. If you are a great fan of Jackie Chan, then spot a purple yacht that stands proud closer to the deck.

Tsim Sha Tsui


Are you staying at the Shamrock hotel? You will be having plus points as the hotel attracts a massive tourist drag. This area in Kowloon is known for its wonderful mix of the budget to high-end hotels. If shopping is your word, then head to snazzy designer stores like Coach, Hermes, etc to window shop. Feel free to pop in if you can afford the amount.

Take a stroll at the market while having delicious dinner of rice and noodles at a local restaurant to mark the perfect end to your day.

Disneyland and Ocean Park


If you are visiting the city with your kids, we highly recommend you to visit these two places as it is packed with a lot of fun activities like rides, parades, rollercoasters and communicating with animals. Every second you’ll spend there will be worth your time. A great place to amuse yourself with some exciting, fun activities.


Lan Kwai Fong


With a range of cool pubs that are neatly lined together, you can make merry on the gently elevated roads. As a result, you will end up partying with the whole town. It’s Lan Kwai Fong, not like anything you would have witnessed on the party scene before. You will enjoy the friendly vibe there plus a short walk from Victoria Peak. Try out some local specialties, including beer to relish the day.

Lantau Island and The Big Buddha


Explore the old-world charm of Hong Kong. It would be a thrilling ride while full of fun and beautiful natural sights around. Once you reach the peak, visit the Tian Tan Buddha aka Big Buddha, it’s fascinating to see him. If you are interested, take another short walk to the Po Lin Monastery to have a vegetarian meal. Hop on a bus to Tai O Fishing village and enjoy a boat ride. If you are lucky, you will spot pink dolphins. It will be great fun to spend quality time at these places.

Temple Street Night Market


If you are staying at Shamrock Hotel, you will find the Temple Street Night Market right behind the hotel. You can shop here with endless options available that rea magically opened up the front of your eyes. When the time runs out, suddenly, you will find the food shacks expanding on to the pavement even on the roads as travelers nestle it closely to relish delicious food along with the famous Tsing Tao Beer.

That’s how you can spend your three-four days trip to Hong Kong while keeping yourself entertained with the fun activities and places mentioned above at cheaper flights from Sydney to Hong Kong.

Stay excited!


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